Sunday, August 01, 2004

CAWD: Charity for African Welfare and Development

CAWD registration and details for giving
CAWD was formally registered as a charity in June 2004, registration number 1104228. Its bank details, for donations are: - Lloyds TSB - Friends of CAWD, A/C No: 10885960; Sort Code: 30-84-51. It is at possible to donate online at

CAWD’s work
CAWD supports community development in various ways, which you can discover by exploring more of CawdNet’s activities on this blog or subscribing to the oocd2000plus e-newsletter at

The name
CAWD takes its name from the original “CAWD” which was the Committee for African Welfare and Development. CAWD. The committee was set up by the late Peter Adetunji Oyawale, a man with a vision for change in his homeland. He died in Nigeria in December 2000. He was buried in Ago-Are, Oke-Ogun, the place of his birth. Ago-Are is now the home of the first Oke-Ogun Community Development Network InfoCentre. Some of the services of the InfoCentre are sustainable, such as providing training. However some services are to do with Welfare and Development - work that will either never be sustainable, or needs some pump priming help to get it through the early stages. It is for things such as this that CAWD has been set up, and not just in Ago-Are, but in other locations too.

The needs
Current needs include
- Set up costs for some small business initiatives to assist local economy
- Costs of sending CD-Roms to Nigeria from the UK for the Special Interest Groups
- Subsidies for print materials that the InfoCentre could print out from CD-Roms for the Special Interest Groups (such as health information).
- Costs of the weekly email exchange from Ago-Are via Saki (cyber café costs and transport)
- Salary and related expenses to keep David Mutua in the project after his time with VSO
- £1,400 to enable the Ago-Are InfoCentre to get online (see Newsletter 19)
- A digital camera for the InfoCentre so they can send photos as well as words, to show evidence of what they are doing
- A TV and video player, for community viewing – for public paid viewing of popular events, to earn money for the InfoCentre, and for showing educational videos.