Sunday, July 04, 2004

AD3 Components of CawdNet

- Oke-Ogun Community Development Network
OCDN: previously know as OOCD 2000+ a grassroots community development project; special interest groups – education, health, women, youth, farmers.

- Cawd Volunteers
Volunteers based in the UK, using home Internet connections to support CawdNet: doing research, raising its profile, passing information on to the activists in rural Nigeria.

- Rural Search Light
RUSEL: A micro-credit and training organisation active in Oke-Ogun.

- Fantsuam Foundation
Started as a micro-credit organisation in Kaduna State, has grown and diversified.

- Charity for African Welfare and Development
CAWD Registered charity number 1104228. Contact CawdNet for details of how to give.

- CawdNet Enterprises
Sustainable business development, employment and investment opportunities building from work in micro-credit and training.


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