Sunday, July 04, 2004

AD3 CawdNet and You - How to develop your development interests.

General interest in development?
Find out more about CawdNet

Time to spare?
Ask about Cawd Volunteers

Money to give or interested in fundraising?
Ask about CAWD
(Charity for African Welfare and Development)
See for details of on-line giving. E-mail for fundraising suggestions.

Money to invest?
Ask about Cawd Enterprises.

Products or services to field test or showcase?
Ask about OCDN and Fantsuam

Student needing fieldwork or case study?
Ask about CawdNet

Wanting links with rural communities?
Ask about our “information footpaths”

Special interest?
Ask about our special interest groups (SIGs).
SIGs are big or small, formal or informal.
New ones are on the way – so if you don’t see your interest please ask
We already have:
- Health
- Education and training
- Women
- Youth
- Farmers
- Sustainable energy
- Use of local languages
- Micro-credit
- Water and sanitation


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