Friday, June 25, 2004

Welcome to CawdNet - New visitors please come here first

Welcome to CawdNet (or, if you are a Yoruba speaker, “Ekaabo”)

CawdNet is:
- Active in Nigeria - at grassroots level.
- Networking on the Internet – through volunteer support.
- Enabling welfare and development initiatives – by working with others
- Creating "digital information footpaths” - where infrastructure is lacking

We seek contacts from anyone with an interest in development including
- Individuals, of any age, to join our volunteers or help with fundraising
- Projects seeking research or development partners.
- Donors large or small, for our charitable projects.
- Investors/business contacts for some of our sustainable projects.
- Innovators looking for field-testing or showcasing opportunities.
- Post-graduate students planning fieldwork
- People who simply want to learn more about the realities of rural Africa.
- Organisations who want to be more closely connected to the grassroots
Some background and some links
CawdNet takes its name from CAWD (The Committee for African Welfare and Development). The CAWD website gives the story up until Sept 2001

The story continues through the oocd2000plus newsletter. The newsletter takes its name from Oke-Ogun Community Development (OOCD) Agenda 2000plus – the first project of what is now CawdNet. To subscribe go to

At first we were simply the OOCD team, but as the work grew, and there were more collaborations, and we were working with people outside of Oke-Ogun, we needed a group identity for collaborative ventures, hence CawdNet.

Welcome. If you have an interest in some aspect of development, and you think your interests overlap those of CawdNet, please contact me. I’m Pam and I help to bring people together, share information, and generally move things along. Email me at
As the blog develops I hope you will be able to explore CawdNet in a variety of ways:
- Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
- Geographical locations
- Areas of concern
- Groups involved
- History
- Objectives
- MDGs (Millennium Development Goals)
- The team
- Friends of CawdNet
- ICT in development
If you have any questions please ask me and I will get appropriate information to you, and so, gradually, onto the blog.


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