Friday, June 25, 2004

The core of CawdNet - Meet the people at the centre of the network

This section introduces people at the core of CawdNet.
They are introduced in approximate "order of appearance" - i.e the order in which they got involved with CawdNet. People on this list are all in "direct" contact with Pam by email, although that may mean a considerable journey to the nearest cyber cafe.

Agnita Oyawale.
- Founder member, with her late husband Peter Adetunji Oyawale, of the organisation that started things off - "CAWD" - the Committee for African Welfare and Development. More details on
- Chairman of Board of Trustees of the Charity that has evolved from the original CAWD. "CAWD" is now "Charity for African Welfare and Development" Registration number 1104228
- Lives in UK.

Pamela McLean
- Originally part of CAWD (the Committee)
- Convenor of CawdNet and first point of contact
- Brings people together who have shared interests
- Helps CawdNet activists to access information
- Raises profile of CawdNet on the Internet
- Knows Cawdnet core people well and is familiar with many of the locations in Nigeria
- A Cawd Volunteer
- Secretary of CAWD (the charity)
- Lives in UK.

Chief Gbade Adejumo
- Chairman and founder member of Oke-Ogun Community Development Network (ODCN – previously known as OOCD 2000+) More details on
- Active in various other community groups including Rural Searchlight (RUSEL, a small micro-credit and training organisation in Oke-Ogun) For more details see the archives of the newsletter oocd2000plus. To subscribe visit
- Currently serving on the Civil Service Commission of Oyo State. The Commission is responsible for the appointment, promotion and discipline of civil servants in the state
- Lives in Okeho (Oke-Ogun), and Ibadan (state capital) – both in Oyo State.

David Mutua
- VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) volunteer 2002-2004
- As OCDN project manager – responsible for opening and managing the first OCDN InfoCentre in Ago-Are and for preparing set-up of Isseyin and Okeho InfoCentres
- Major responsibilities in VSO’s HIV/AIDS programme in SW Nigeria
- Following VSO, all being well, and after a holiday in Kenya, David will return to Nigeria as CawdNet’s first paid member of staff. His role will be:
- Supporting OCDN in its next stage of development
- Managing joint projects with other CawdNet members
- First point of contact for Nigerians and visitors from overseas.
- Home is in Kenya, in Nigeria he is based in Ago-Are and Ibadan.

Victoria Adetona
- Founder and director of Rural Searchlight (RUSEL, a micro-credit and training organisation in Oke-Ogun)
- International prize winner for women’s innovation: see oocd2000plus newsletter archives, to subscribe visit
- Particular interest in use of Yoruba
- Advising OCDN’s women’s group in Ago-Are on micro-credit
- Based in Isemi-Ile, Oke-Ogun

Lorraine Duff
- Cawd Volunteer
- Helps Pam in various ways
- Sources information for CawdNet internal use and for Special Interest Groups
- CAWD treasurer
- Lives in UK

John Dada
- Director of Fantsuam Foundation (FF):
- FF was founded in 1996
- Active in Kaduna state and adjoining states
- Pioneering gender - and youth - focussed microfinance and ICT services in communities in rural Nigeria. See
- FF has achieved international recognition for its pioneering work
- John is based in Kafanchan, Kaduna state

Mujidat Lawal and Tobi Ajayi
- Infomediaries linking Ago-Are to Cawd Volunteers
- Muji is employed at the InfoCentre
- Muji and Tobi prepare emails on behalf of the InfoCentre team and representatives of Special Interest Groups
- Tobi visits the cyber café in the neighbouring town of Saki once a week to send and receive emails
- Based in Ago-Are


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